Liberty Manager

Welcome to Liberty Manager!

Liberty Manager has been moved to a much larger and faster server. As you can see, our new server farm has been completed with the addition of a Libertarian Party Mug. For those of you who are tech-junkies, the old server was a dual core 2GHz AMD Opteron (246) with 2GB of ECC memory, two 80GB drives, running FreeBSD 4.11 (32bit). The new server (on the left) is a six core 3.7GHz AMD Phenom II X6 (Black) with 8GB of DDR3 ECC memory, four 1TB drives in a raid 10 array, running FreeBSD 8.1 (64bit). At the time of the server migration, the old system had been running for 683 days since its last reboot. That is not uncommon for FreeBSD.

We encourage you to purchase your own LP mug from our friends at

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